Emil Alex is a graduate student at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco who is keen on bridging the gap between business and design. He is currently pursuing a dual degree course which combines an MFA in Interaction Design and an MBA in Design Strategy.  
Prior to this, he studied at the National Institute of Design in India and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Product Design. Pursuing his interest in people watching (research), technology and craftsmanship, he specialized in Industrial Design. During this period, he worked on various diverse projects including developing biometric security solutions, designing point of sale devices, water purification and service design systems relating to healthcare for the elderly.

He is interested in creating an effective and immersive experience around the way people interact with everyday objects. An area he is particularly keen on working on is the designing of systems to create meaningful services, products and experiences. He believes that inter disciplinary design is the key to understand contexts and perspectives at macro as well as micro levels in order to create holistic, efficient and actionable solutions.
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